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Hotel activities

100 Years of the Adria Hotel

The celebration to mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Adria Hotel took place in the Franciscan Garden. Guests, hotel staff and proprietors together put treasure into a big wooden chest, which they then officially sealed. Each of the guests had a chance to place his or her message for future generations in the chest. Now the chest is stored in our Triton Restaurant, where it is awaiting its next unsealing – in 2112. Then the Adria Hotel will be exactly 200 years old.

Circus in the Adria Hotel

Ringmaster, wild bear, skilful juggler, talented clown, stilt walker, fantastic tightrope walker achievements – this and much more could be seen and more importantly could be experienced first hand under the big top of circus Adria. Each guest was initiated into mystiques of circus artistry – they could learn to form balloons into various shapes from our clown, try tightrope walking or learn what juggling is all about.

Cleaning of the Petřínka Water Spring

The Adria Hotel is a patron of the Petřínka Water Spring, which the hotel “opens” every year. Employees together with anyone interested clean the spring and embellish it for the upcoming season. Every year we travel to the spring under our own power – on foot, by bike, scooter, simply by any means of transport, which does not pollute the air. Thus we do something good for the spring, for its visitors as well as ourselves.

“The Way You Are to Us – We Are to You”

When organising this event for our business partners we were inspired by folk wisdom – do unto others as you would have them do to you. Hence this time delicacies for the guests were prepared not only by chefs but also by the entire sales team. Everyone has prepared their specialty in order to be able to compete for the best meal award. But yummies were brought in also by our guests, who definitely did not have to be embarrassed.

Presidential Election

The Adria Hotel was the venue of the presidential election. All the people arriving put on rose coloured glasses to make our future look bright and they were able to examine the manifestos of the candidates, this time represented by our sales personnel who were competing in making up absurd pre-election promises. Those who felt frustrated by the current political scene could try to hit an advertising billboard of a particular candidate with a cream pie thus letting off some steam. Back again in four years!

Strawberries for Home-made Jam

The best jam is made from freshly picked strawberries and is free of unnecessary ingredients. Since we want to be able to offer it to our guests, we produce the jam ourselves. Starting from picking sweet-smelling strawberries and ending by preserving them in our hotel kitchen. The fact that this year it again came up very tasty can be verified by our guests every morning. Spread on home-made crumpets with excellent coffee it is near perfection.

New Year’s Celebration

Every year we organise a celebration for our guests on the occasion of the arrival of the New Year. A topically conceived evening full of entertainment and good food and drink takes place throughout the entire hotel.